Your Spokesman Speaks

For the whole day I have been rocking out to Dead Modern Villains. Had it on at home and I had it turned up at the office. After a few spins I understood why the band is ranked #8 on the Reverbnation music charts.
Personally I am a free download junkie so when I seen the free downloads I just had to listen to those first. Of the three free downloads I really like Something to Do, it is a perfect jam for our local scene. The song was great but there was another song that impressed me even more.

The Green Bay, Wisconsin band which consists of Keith Bouche, David Arendt and Mitch Rudolph has a song titled Friends By My Side that really has a special ring to it. The type of feel to it that my heart says it belongs in the intro to a hit TV show like That 70's Show. Overall I think the song Something to Do is a better song, but there is this one part of the song Friends By My Side that is absolutely worth a million dollars. Sometimes the intro to a hit TV show is just as important as anything else and well with the right spot Friends By My Side can be remembered forever.

That's just my thoughts on the band, I think they are excellent and I strongly suggest you take your DMV test. Get behind the wheel by visiting them on the websites listed below and let me know what you think by dropping your comments.


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