Your Spokesman Speaks

Hi my name is Michael. I hope you enjoy all my posts, comments and tweets. With that said you should know Michael is not my first name. It is my middle name. Understand I plan to share alot of my personal information, my activities and even blog about what purchases I make for the home and office. Therefore I can not reveal my true identity. I have children and plus my phobea of strangers just wouldnt let me do this any other way.

I am a small business owner and I now have my fingers in this cookie jar called the internet. I was trying to find my niche and overall I decided to just be me. So you can expect a raw but classy expression of who I am and what I do.

My line of work has me learning things like web design and search engine optimzation but I am going to try to make this blog a little more personal and friendly. So I am planning on sharing my visit to dive bars and classy night clubs. If I go to a concert I will review it and hopefully snag some live footage. I picked up the art of DJ'ing in college and I still make money on the side doing weddings, parties and clubs. Even though I wont post these specific locations I will share my favorite local bands, artists and even those I like that I might be introduced to online. I love sports and debating sports. I love technology and learning. Most importantly I am good father, trying to become great and I will do whatever it takes to leave my children with a better future and life than the one I have lived myself.

Overall I am just a normal man with a big heart. I am in the lower half of the 99% and I like to support the underground. Basically I am anti-government, anti-commercial radio, and anti anything  that takes advatange of the 99%. I have a voice and hopefully you hear it. This blog might be a way to make a few extra bucks, but I have a feeling this may actually hold much more value in therapy. So stay in touch my friends. Feel free to follow me on twitter.