Your Spokesman Speaks

Happy Friday everyone. I have another treat for all you music lovers and today's sound come to us by way of a small garage located in the city of Seattle, Washington. The sound is a product of four Seattle veterans, each having more than ten years experience in the Seattle music scene. Soon after the band got it's name, Step Daddy quickly began writing and recording. To this day they have written more than 25 songs and on the eve of their first LP the band is already planning the tracking of their second album.

The band is a four piece band consisting of Brian Opalewski on bass, Kit van der Jagte with vocals, Ben Reece does Guitar and the high energy drums are the work of Paul Turner.

Amazingly 20 years after Nirvana became a household name, the city of Seattle is still producing quality homegrown indie bands. When you get the opportunity I suggest giving Step Daddy a chance to earn a slot in your ipod. The band rocks with a wide range sound that can quickly change tempos. After listening a few times I noticed the band likes to break it down slow, tease you and then get real heavy like Rage Against The Machine. I like that style and I personally think it makes for a good show. I really had a hard time choosing a favorite song. The album LOVE consists of 11 high energy tracks and if I had to choose a favorite it would still be a toss up between Brain De Homage or Wrong Together.

I like the band so much I wanted to follow them on Twitter but was unable to find them there but I was able to visit their fan page on Facebook.  Step Daddy also has a few free downloads on their Reverb Nation page but dont go without bookmarking their official band website at There is also some Youtube footage of the band performing live that you might want to check out. One thing is for sure, after check them out I know I wont be the only one showing Step Daddy some LOVE.


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