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For the 3rd day in a row, I back with new indie music worth checking out. Today I am going to keep it simple, If you like Third Eye Blind, Radiohead or Foo Fighters you got to checkout One Way State.
Today's band, One Way State is just another reason why I love the Canadian music scene. Not only do they have a great sound but the talented Edmonton group also lead me to believe they still have yet to reach their peak.
The band released their album The Right Time a few months ago in April and the CD can found on iTunes.  The album which an Alternative Rock feel and a classic one at that, was very entertaining and left me asking about the older material.

Looking for the bands older music I found out One Way State toured the vast Canadian landscape in support of their debut release "One Way State". I learned the first single, "Empires Fall Daily", has enjoyed moderate success on campus radio across Western Canada and They also performed at numerous festivals like NewMusicWest and SOSFest in Edmonton.

I also found a YouTube video of the band performing live so be sure to check that out as well. Check out here links below and if you like what you hear, tell your friends.

 Band Members on Twitter
Cody Mack - vocals, guitar (@iamcodymack)
Nick Moir - guitar, vocals (@nalexanderm)
Brandon Thomas - bass (@everyoneshomey)
Charley Jeske - drums (@charleyjeske)

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