Your Spokesman Speaks

Welcome back readers, today I am reviewing a very talented musician from the UK. Her name is Pia Dean and a few really awesome tracks on her music page. She has put together some very memorable collaborations with the likes of Caroline Langford and Nikki Dine-Hart but what really stood out to me was her Acoustic of "Hot Coals".
Pia has many influences that cross various genres and include the likes of Amy Winehouse, U2, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Beyonce and many more. he listening pleasure have taken influence on her Pia's craft and her music brings us a universal sound that can be appreciated by pop or alternative fans.
Pia Dean has not just made a fan of me, she is winning over all her listeners and is currently holding the #1 spot on the UK Reverbnation Music Charts. Check out her music page and be sure to follow her on twitter for exciting news and updates. Pia currently has her single "Achilles Heal" in stores and various media outlets but there is a hint from the team that Pia might be realising another single next month titled "Another Maybe". The single is said to be released for free download on September 10th and I am surely going to be on the look out for that album, I suggest you to do the same.


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