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If your anything like me you stay busy. I am always on the go, working and headed in the next direction. Usually throughout the week I am blasting the kind of music to give me adrenaline. A good serving of the right band can be just as effective for me as a red bull or 5 hour energy. Sustaining that energy is key to our success and our pocket books but when it's Sunday evening and your winding down after a long or busy week your usually in the mood for something a little different.

Last night I had the pleasure if discovering a new musician that provided the perfect ambiance for my Sunday night cool down. After my workout and stretching I have an hour long cool down. My cool down consists of smooth yet heavy breathing, closed eyes and complete relaxation choreographed by the right sounds. Many doctors or health experts recommend a cool down with music like the one I had last night and I felt like it was the best Sunday night cool down I have ever had. I have been doing the same routine for my cool down since I was 13 years old and I feel like the music for last night's session made the difference.

It was not hard to find myself Relaxing with Bruno Bavota and the soul of his music. With no lyrics whatsoever, Bruno Bavota's instrumentals say more that most modern day rap songs. His production is moving yet very soothing at the same time. After listening I would say he has very classical backbone but I also think Bruno Bavota sounds are more than perfect for the big screen. If you have a movie or TV show in need or quality sound track music I recommend checking out Bruno Bavota.

Bruno has this acoustic piano blend of passion and life. The type of sound I could listen to for hours. Actually, I could picture Bruno's piano as a part of the house band in heaven. One thing is for sure, if I owned a cafe in his Hometown of Napoli, Italy I would make certain he was on stage Friday and Saturday nights. If Bruno was the entertainment at your establishment, your customers would visit  much more often. You crowd would become more classy and sophisticated. Bruno is not just music for the soul but it's the type to stimulate your brain, maybe you can call it brain food.
After learning a little bit about Bruno, I've learned he has already had a few of his productions placed in films, won a few awards and performed on a few big time stages. I even learned the album I was listening to last night is titled Il Pizza d'Amor which is available for streaming to the public on Band Camp and other various media outlets.

If you would like more info or music about Bruno Bavota feel free to check out the links provided below. I also included his Sound Cloud music player for all of you to get a quick listen. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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