Your Spokesman Speaks

Whats up party people? I just got done listening to a brand new song by a brand new artist and once you finish listening this jam your really going to wish you were me.

I must admit it is pretty cool being the Spokesman. I just heard another classic club jam before any of you and I get the honor of introducing you to the artist behind the magic.

He goes by the name of Jin and his latest release "Locked Down" is pure magic. Not only is a sure fire club classic the song is finally something the fellas can relate to. I call it pop but most of you would try to be a little more specific and classify it as electronic or house music. Never the less, I believe the song is better than great and perfect for any club, party or wedding. I am personally going to spin "Locked Down" later this month when I DJ a former classmates wedding on August 18th.

I still have plenty to learn about Jin the artist, but I have learned some interesting facts regarding his career. As a member of 3AM, Jin and the group became the first all Indian music group to hold the number one spot for several weeks on a U.S. Top 40/Pop BDS radio station (KMVQ-FM 99.7Now!) with their hit “Bass Hits Hard”. The song even beat out artists like Rihanna and Drake, holding the number 1 position on the “Top 9 at 9” countdown.

As well, Jin has recently partnered with a musician, producer and songwriter from the Bay Area of California by the name of Mega MIKE of Third Nature Music Group. The two have worked together on his debut solo project entitled “Moon Music”, an eclectic compilation of EDM, rock, and pop. The Moon Music is described as the brainchild of Mega MIKE’s musicianship and Jin’s carefree lyrics.

If your anything like me your search high and low for new talent in the music industry. Today here is your temporary fix. Check out the song below but make sure you follow Jin and Mega Mike on twitter. Visit the website for more music and reload your cool meter by playing this jam at your party.


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