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Humans on this planet often have a very intimate relationship with music. Some of us love the classics and some prefer the modern sounds of 2013. Regardless of our passions, most treat music like a religion and today's blog feature is dedicated to those of you in my network praying for some new Heavy Metal. Many of you have been craving that head banging sound of the late 80's and early 90's but found yourself having a hard time finding something worth latching on to. Today I play the role of pastor and offer you all a path to finding your sanctuary.

Forged in the fires of classic Heavy Metal, C.O.S. comes full circle as the sound of yesterday survives thru the band known as Corners of Sanctuary. One of PA's finest, C.O.S. has recently emerged as one of the fan's 2013 favorites. The underground metal band recently took over their local charts with their wicked delivery and with summer just around the corner, they seem to be raising the bar.

Just seconds in to listening to Corners of Sanctuary on ReverbNation and you realize the bands potential. Their hit single "Sanctuary" is just the tip of the iceberg. Inspired by the like of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, COS rocks in a fashion that is certain to have Rock Gods rejoicing throughout the realms of Metal.

Manged by East Coast Indie group March Baby, C.O.S. released the Holiday EP December Wind on November 1, 2012. The project includes an all new, all original track “December Wind” and bonus cuts from previous releases. To jump start the new year, the band dropped their first single, from the January 22, 2013 CD release Harlequin, “Angels Only Dare” and even agreed to donate a portion of song sales to help fight cancer. C.O.S. will support the Harlequin release with a string of live performances and interviews in early 2013 and set the tone for an epic summer. Even with all the commotion and non stop work, the band is already working on a follow up disc, returning to the studio to write and record new material. With tentative plans for a new release later this year, C.O.S. is also working with the Germany based company, Pure Steel Records, as the band begins its European invasion.

The band is a trio composed of long time friends Sean Nelligan, Mick Michaels and James Pera, who have committed to their faith more than just bread wine. "Hard hitting, head banging, straight forward Heavy Metal is the mission - nothing less will do", say the trio. They have heard your cry fro metal over the mountain tops and C.O.S. has arrived for good. Don't miss a single snap of the hi hats. With today's social media technology you sinners have excuses. Find your sanctuary, get baptized and be reborn at, check out their tour dates below and be sanctified.



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