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This one goes out to all the fans of Blues, Americana or that good old fashion Grass Roots sound of yesterday. By way of  Chapel Hill, North Carolina singer / songwriter Doug Prescott introduces us to a new musical language he perfectly titled Blues in the Key of Sea.

 After picking up the craft in the late 60's, Doug has had a passion for constantly developing his songwriting skills. over the years he has continued to write and experimentally follow his destiny. Many bands and recordings later he finally decided to give it a go riding solo and the product has become something worth blogging about.

2013 saw the release of Doug Prescott's 3rd solo effort, Blues in the Key of Sea. This is a new and original release with special feature from Billy Payne of Little Feat. This CD features a cast of musicians that rightfully have become the core of Doug's band. With special guests, including Mike Wesolowski (Blues World Order) on blues harp, Danny Gotham on mandolin, Johnny Gallagher (Ireland) on electric guitars, and Tony Bowman on keys (Edgar Winter Band)  the band has become a very artist and entertaining melodic melting pot of musicians. The 11 songs on this release are all over the map stylistically, yet they form a cohesive Blues/Rock/Americana blend, with truth, soul and the heart at the core.

The Easter bunny is fake but this music is real and it's really good. Check out the music box or for more on the sound of Doug Prescott and friends check out the web links below. Don't forget to drop your comments and let me know what you think. Happy Easter People!



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