Your Spokesman Speaks

Today is scary day for many but some just like to have fun with it. Friday The 13th is already trending on twitter and it's not even 9 am in California. For many the mystic and meaning of certain symbols or numbers heavily impact their lives. For some people a a day like this or the them behind it become their everyday character. Some may find it the best day to stay home, either way Friday The 13th has become our unofficial holiday, Somewhat of a second Halloween.

Today the best tattoo artists from the Inland Empire are offering an Friday The 13th Holiday Special. For only $20 you can get a tattoo. That is $13 for the artwork and $7 for good luck. Inkaholics can choose from over 50 designs and get as many as 3 different tattoo in their session. This surely is a special occasion in the Inland Empire. Remember the event is today and today only. It is happening at both locations in Riverside and Moreno Valley. Doors open at 10am. visit for more information


  1. bruno says:

    i am pissed i missed this i live down the street

  2. Cherry Bop says:

    awesome i will be on my way

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