Your Spokesman Speaks

Pro Tool production software is probably the most known and widely used music software amongst industry professionals. The software comes in many different versions for all types of users, There is the Mbox for beginners and there is the new Pro Tools 10 for advance users and professionals that want the newest release with the most capability. Pro Tools can be used for producing soundtracks, live recording and it can even be used for DJ's like myself trying to find the right sound for a project or produce a mixtape. I must say I still have plenty of room for growth, but after 8 years of music production and 4 years of pro tools knowledge, my sound is getting good.

I am now offering my services online for those of you that might be in need of a producer. Maybe you looking for a score for your television commercial, well i can do that. I can do anything in my studio and if it relates to audio i can deliver it in a high quality format. I have a sampler here below i made for potential customers. I want you all to keep in mind that this is just a sampler and I didn't not spend the time to master the instrumental. The truth is it only took me around 45 minutes to put this together.

So if you interested in my services then i would like to see your comments or a an email in my inbox. Feel free to send me all you questions and idea to me at I look forward to networking with you and if you do hire me i will be happy to help you promote.


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