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I got to say this movie is a must see. I was excited to see the Chronicle and it didn't disappoint. I didn't have a date for Friday night so my 8 year daughter joined me and to her dismay there were no cool children's films other than the decade old Beauty and The Beast. So my princess was more interested in my choice and we settled in for a 5:30 pm show in the Regal Cinema located in the Riverside Plaza.

First I must say it should be illegal to sale 2 soda pop's and popcorn for $21 dollars. After handing the clerk my debit card I thought to myself this movie better worth it. It sure was.

The movie starts slow putting together the storyline and it quickly gets personal. the story was good enough to get attached to the character of the movie. the main characters were a group of teenage classmates that found their mutation during a high school house party. The boys find that their mutation is some form of telekinesis similar to Marvel X-men's Jean Grey.

the slow love story quickly turns into a sci-fi thriller. Tons of twists and turns in this film. Before long one of the boys goes rogue and medieval . He rampages the city and the special effects for those actions scenes were near perfect. It was well worth the the investment and it even had a crazy ending.

Overall this was very acceptable for My princess. even with the PG-13 rating , the previews were more inappropriate than the film itself. There is some high school activity , but nothing a well raised princess cant handle with class. It was a great film and if you are interested in seeing a movie in the next few weeks I highly recommend Chronicle. It might even be a perfect Valentines Dates.


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    I liked it too

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