Your Spokesman Speaks

Coming straight out of London, Allow the Spokeman to introduce everyone to Four.4s, an underground Production duo from the United Kingdom. The duo is made of one part Abstrax and one part Timi R S. Abstrax likes to focus mainly on the instrumental production or engineering and recording the vocals. Timi R. S. is the doing everything from web design and graphic design to photography and more.

They both have fresh rhymes and the duo shows signs of being heavily influenced by Hip Hop of the 1990's. Their sound is very reminiscent of the Hip Hop I grew to love and definitely a blast from the past. I recently liked their Facebook Fan Page and had a chance to preview a few of their songs from the Reverb Nation Music Page. Check them out if you get a chance.

Four.4s released their first project September 25th 2011. The album is titled Rap Chambers and the full album download can be found here If you would like to preview each single and download your favorite visit them here


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