Your Spokesman Speaks

I thought twice about posting this on my blog but I just got of the phone with the local health department and the results were quite disturbing. So today I am compelled to share my personal experience visiting the Papa Joe's Pizza and More located at 5115 Jurupa Ave, Riverside California.

I first went to Papa Joe assuming that all Papa Joe's Pizzerias were owned and operated by the same Joe. However I recently found out the hard way and after doing a google search is is safe to say they are certainly not in the same league as Papa John.

I had a horrible experience at Papa Joe's Pizza and I decided to yelp about it. You can and I suggest you do read my Papa Joe's Yelp review at but I want all of you to know the place looks nothing like the pics feature on Yelp. Much more Ghetto and run down.

I felt obligated to call the health department and eventually I did. This morning I got a call back from the health department and I was informed they found violations but not enough to shut them down. I know what I saw as a customer but I'm sure there was so much more behind the scenes and after learning what violations were cited, if was shocking to be told the company is still allowed to operate.

This is just another example of whats wrong with this country. Cross Contamination is just as deadly as a Drunk Driver but the one gets life in jail the other gets a fine from the city and permission to continue to sale dirty food to our community.

It's a shame and there is nothing I can do about except share my personal experience with my network, friends and a few other yelpers. I wish I could do more. Be safe people and try to eat more at home. It is safer and much cheaper. Adios.


  1. Carrie Rodriquez says:

    i have not been to that place in years and a few months ago i walked in and walked right back out. it is nothing like it used to be.

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