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I have been many places and seen many faces but no matter how far I drift I can always find a little Latin flavor. I have plenty of Latin friends and I even speak some Spanish so it is very common to find to me blasting something different to your ear buds. Today I want to share a new sound by the name of Universo, a sound a I think many of your will grow to appreciate.

Universo is a band from Brazil founded by the very talented Leo Bor. Leo is the band producer, engineer and composer. He has seen the seed of a band grow in to a heavy load of momentum and since it's inception the band has continued to evolve into what is now a soon-to-be global name. Hard Rock or Soulful Pop, this band is sort of in that melting pop with an excellent twist of lyrically foreplay.

Aside from the self titled album, I still have very much to learn about Leo Bor and family. So join me in find Universo within the realms of social media, lets see just who the band really is.

You can stream the album to I reviewed here:


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    te amo Michael

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