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Music Monday Maniacs like me can appreciate almost anything that takes our minds of the dreadful feeling and crawling about out of bed Monday morning to restart the work week. Just like most of life's problems, Music tops the list of antidotes for the Monday morning blues and my very own personal suggestions for this week is the new sounds of Joy Focus.

As usual I am recommending a new sound for you to listen to and I have a strong feeling today's feature will be very well received but I suggest my followers take deeper look and listen when reviewing Joy Focus. The melodic joy commingled with extremely passionate lyrics combine to make this Spokesman an instant fan and I am sure any fan of good music would agree.

Joy Focus consists of Musician Rikk Currence & singer Holly Joy both of whom use Music as their spiritual vehicle to drive recklessly down musical highways with artistic expression. The band and its music are a story about the suburban family experience. Reflecting on all the things positive and negative that may stem from a life in the American middle class. Joy Focus is all over the place with a sound so classic, real fans can't help but pray for the reverb.

Since the band's debut in late 2001, they have been both a commercial and critical success, garnering a host of loyal fans as well as a myriad of kind words and acclaim from music press in both America & Europe alike. With three independent albums and seven featured singles on six different international releases, the band is working hard to become a household name. Joy Focus is certainly  kid tested & mother approved and I bet you cant keep them a secret.

Check out their links below and let me know what you think.

Holly Joy: Vocals Rikk Currence:
Instruments Production:
All music written, recorded, engineered, mixed & produced by Rikk Currence

Streaming link:


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