Your Spokesman Speaks

Lately the rock fan in me has been searching for something new to cling to. Indie bands across the globe everyday bring something we can enjoy and support But as a child of the 80's with the ears of connoisseur I am always looking for the something special. Today I found something more than special and I would like to introduce each of you to my new favorite band.. Spiral Fire.

Spiral Fire recently released a very good single titled Road Rising. The single preceded the album release and has me blown away. The single, the video and I must mention.. the smoking hot lead singer. Her name is Sinclair Vernon and she will make your mouth water just before she melts your heart. She is a bonofide talent and she has an excellent band rocking out with her

The band apparently was born with Sinclair met guitarist Riley Miller through a mutual friend in late 2010, and they began to translate the songs she had started on keys into the hard, 90s-influenced rock that they had both grown up on and which was in short supply in the alt-folk and bluegrass-heavy area of Carrboro, NC. They later secured drummer Brian Gorman, bassist Keith Lewis, and rhythm guitarist Dom Ciampa to complete their sound.

This band rocks with passion and a very nostalgic flavor. I recommend them to all fans of music, especially children of the 80's. Find their new single Road Rising and listen via the music player below. Check it out and let me know how it settles. For more info on the band and their movements be sure to check out the web links below.


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