Your Spokesman Speaks

Good Morning Earth. Today I just watched another amazing video on youtube. The song is fairly new and was released by Leo Drioli in December 2012. The video is quite simple yet very heart warming. Just as his song suggest, Leo Drioli gives it his love and I personally think sharing this new song will make all of your days better.

Leo Drioli has been a pioneering leader and spiritual teacher in the consciousness movement for over 25 years. Launching one of Australia’s first new age magazines, Golden Age in 1988, he quickly established himself as a writer releasing his first book “Every Moment’s a Miracle” in 1996, now a best-seller.

His passion in disseminating truth in all its forms and guises is also manifested in his music, something that’s been close to his heart since his early teens. Through his song-writing, Leo has been chronicling his own spiritual evolution which has resulted in a substantial catalogue of unreleased songs.

Leo Drioli has been compared by many to late great John Lennon and many other talented musicians. If you love the song as much as I do you can find Leo on the world wide web and follow his updates for what comes next. Check out the links and video below. Be sure to show your support or voice your comments.
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