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Welcome back friends and family. I found some more tunes I want you to check out. Today's featured artist comes by way of Oregon, USA and sounds like the epitome of Country Blues. If there is a genre category for Country Blues I think Dave Plaehn should be it's chart topper and after hearing his brand new album Amos Got Soul, I have become a big fan.

Dave Plaehn was born in Iowa where his was raised by vocalist parents whose vocal talents grew on him as a child until Dave eventually adopted his own passion to sing. Later on in high school and early college Dave became fond of blues music after listening to Koerner, Ray and Glover and Leadbelly. In college he played in a jug band, covering the Jim Kweskin Jug Band and many others.

Although Dave is mostly known for his singing, his harmonica play had improved considerably and By the end of college he had discovered many other major influences such as the legendary Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell, Sonny Terry, Johnny Winter, Bukka White, Bonnie Raitt, Tracy Nelson, Buffy St. Marie and Paul Butterfield.

The rest is history and with the May 2013 release of Amos Got Soul, Dave Plaehn is what's new in blues. Soon his newness will transcend and with time may become that modern artist blues fans, country fans and fans of good music can rely on. Join me in finding Dave Plaehn online by visiting the web links below.

Festival Time/Silent Night (The Roots Band, Voice, 1977)
Smokin (LP, Pilot 1981)
Mouth Full of Blues (EP, Pilot 1982)
On You Bond (with Jeff Hino, Nontrivial 1996)
Can’t Get My Rest (with Jeff Hino, Nontrivial, 2002)
Early Years: Smokin/Mouth Full of Blues (Pilot 2003)
CrazyMan (CD, PlaehnTune, 2008)
Amos Got Soul (2013)


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