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Take this world from me, The Book of yesterday, Lets burn it up! Those are the lyrics from my favorite Nehedar song "Take This World" and this Spokesman is hooked on the lovely sound. If your into music with depth Nehedar certainly breaks the monotony and I suggest following up on this Indie Pop Artist.

Perfectly blending indie-rock, acoustic guitar, folk, jazz and pop music, Nehedar has given New York another artist worth bragging about. Nehedar is the project of local NYC-based songwriter Emilia Cataldo who just completed her most recent project "This Heart" which is to date, her 6th independently produced album. The project was released June 11th, 2013 and the album gets 3 thumbs up from this Spokesman.

The child of free spirited, nomadic musicians, Cataldo was exposed to a wide variety of cultural and musical influences along the way - a treasure she has drawn from to create her richly layered music that has always been best described as "original." From the Latin influenced environment where she helped her father run his liquor store as a girl in Miami (which can be heard in Take it Apart from her 2012 release High Tide), to a troubling adolescence in the fascinating midwestern town of Zion, Illinois (which spurred the non-fictional narrative track Man from Zion from her 2008 album Dreamlike), the music of Nehedar reflects Cataldo’s fascinating journey through life. That path eventually took her to the study of Jewish Mysticism, which infuses her work and led to her taking on the name Nehedar for herself and the band.

Listen to Nehedar via the music player below. Preview her tunes and be sure to join her social network in you enjoy the sounds as much as I do.You can also check out here links below and leave you thoughts in my comments box.
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