Your Spokesman Speaks

The last basket of the game came with just over 10 seconds and Phil Martin may have just hit the biggest bucket of the season. After 3 very poor outings including a Thanksgiving day massacre against Villanova, The highlanders battled back against the Washington State Cougars in a game that was much more than just a game. The comeback victory may have just saved the highlanders season.

I cant remember the last time UCR beat Pac 10 or Pac 12 team and after trailing by 14 point with over 7 minutes to play, Phil Martin put in 9 consecutive points. Then Harrison Gaines and the rest of the Highlanders finally found their stride. Harrison Gaines had 13 and Elliot Berry put in 10 pints in a game that seemed to hold the recipe for what it is going to take for the Highlanders to get back to winning more than they lose. UC Riverside finished 7th in the tournament and a 2 - 4 record.

With the USC Trojans headed to Riverside for a Wednesday Rec Center showdown, the game will be a good test to see how much the Washington State victory really was really worth. Back to Back Pac-12 opponents is a daunting task for any middle level University but it is also the ultimate measuring stick for UCR. Hopefully I cant make the game myself, if it's not already sold out. Go Highlanders.


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