Your Spokesman Speaks

I stayed awake until three in the morning watching and praying for Occupy LA. An enormous part of me wishes I could be there but I don't know if I could remain peaceful after having seeing so many Los Angeles police officers in riot gear. How could I could remain peaceful when everyday I am reminded of choke hold this government has on my community. What should a protester do if you walk by our peaceful protest for weeks and months, then the police chief, one day wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and decides to shut down our people's voice.

Last night the 99% known as Occupy LA was caught off guard. Outnumbered, famine and cold. One reporter suggested right when saying "I assume some protesters may even welcome the raid just to have a reason to go home to their families" and yes it is true. No one wants to protest against the an army in riot gear. Not in cold weather, not in hot weather, but this is America and we fight for what we believe in. We die for what we believe in. This is America and we need change.

No one wants this at all but after so many years of watching our window of freedom get smaller we are ready for our voices to be heard. The average American welcomes another civil war. The war of 99% against the man and his right hand. Most average tax paying American dreams of this war and part of me hoped it would have begun last night.

Rest assure that Occupy LA was caught off guard. We are talking about Los Angeles. A city capable of a month long riot against any army. The moment was exhausted and scattered. I can only hope that protesters can find a way to do it right next time.

I am a fighter a heart and I have a hard time backing down from what is right. Any peaceful protest or congregation is righteous. Especially when it comes at the hands of the poor educating themselves.

When you look at the overall picture it comes down to educated leadership and a united movement. When Occupy Riverside and Occupy Los Angeles communicate with Occupy Philadelphia and Occupy Oakland, then all made a united movement, online, at work and in the streets, then we may actually pump a little fear in the man. Unfortunately for us it a very daunting task and right now the 1% has no fear, making the task even that more imaginable. Only time will tell if equality or fairness is in this country's destiny. Stay strong Los Angeles. We are here and we are watching. We are waiting. We are hopeful that you spark a change.


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