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This is a major reason why I started this blog. I'm sick of this government allowing big business and powerful companies to take advantage of me and my community. The average American has no clue what is really going on under their noses and I personally want to do my best to learn more and share it with those really the knowledge. We are so small and powerless in today's America that the only thing we can do is learn. Our only form of power in this government is knowledge. Knowledge of what to do and what not to do. Knowledge of when to spend money and when to save money. If we don't learn more together and support each other, eventually we will fail. So hopefully you will learn something from this blog post and it will help you at someone point if the situation arises.

Today I am reflecting on an article I read in the I.E. Weekly. The article "Matter of Life and Debt" was written by Tommy Purvis and was published in the November 24th edition. The article is about a Corona, California based debt collection firm that extorted over 10 million dollars from people like me and you.

Truth is I am almost 100% percent positive I am a victim or this company or another company that operates in the same fashion. When I was contacted about by "Chase debt" I was threaten with court and more. They were extremely rude as well but overall this was a joint account I have with a girlfriend years back and I knew taking care of the debt would help both of our credit scores. On the other hand if I just hung up the phone like my conscious was telling me to do, I knew I was possibly jeopardizing even more time, money and negative credit.

I thought about while cussing them out on the other line and I even made several inquiries to how they got my new cell phone number. Finally I got the settlement debt numbers and did a little math involving my current income. It all looked like it could happen without affecting my holidays. So I said yes, I said I would be willing to pay but instead of paying over the phone I insisted I would pay the bank directly. That is when I almost had a heart attack.

The phone caller stated that Chase no longer owns my debt. This is new to me. I didn't know you could transfer my debt or sell my debt. So I was informed that Chase sold my debt a few years ago. Then the company that bought the debt sold it back to Chase because they had a hard time finding me. Eventually Chase hired some sort of Debt Lawyer to find me for court, but instead of acting as a Lawyer and doing what Chase hired him for, This lawyer turned around and purchased my debt from Chase.

My question is how is this legal. How can these companies trade, monopolize and profit of my debt. It's unethical if you ask me. I was young, made a few mistakes and would up with a little debt but that where it ends. If I cant pay you back, you take me to court. Now 15 other companies and who know how many employee all have my personal and financial situation. I gave a signature to Chase and that is where it should stop. If you ask me, it sound like these companies, from sales to collections are all PREDATORY.

Before I let go, I ask you take a look at the whole picture here.

I didn't go into a chase bank and ask for a credit card. I purchased a cell phone from AT&T and they sold my mailing address and phone number to all these companies. THAT SHOULD ALSO BE ILLEGAL.
See, If after I opened the mail and I joined the credit nightmare called Chase Bank, I made payments for over years toward an extremely high interest rate, not my balance. Now Chase Bank is acting as if they are supposedly "So Broke" that they need to sell my debt to some small fry looking to double his money.

Chase got paid for my purchase. I was in debt due to the interest. You do realize that the interest doubles and sometime triples the balance over time. Then they sold my debt. Chase tried to get paid 3 times the value of my debt. The did what they could do to take more and give less. Just like every other American business.

Do you see how they reeled me in then walked all over me? Do you see how 99% of us Americans sign general contracts we don't fully understand? Do you see how my personal info gets passed around? Do you see how there is nothing stopping them from doing it again?

If you see this I suggest you stay away from the big banks, major credit lenders and any contract in which you don't understand or your lawyer does not approve. If you need to build credit go to the jewelry store. If you need a car go to the police auction. Trust me I learned the hard way and If you don't learn more before you make your descions you might learn the hard way as well.

Overall I hope you don't make the mistake I made and I strongly suggest you read the article "Matter Of Life and Debt" by Tommy Purvis and I.E. Weekly.

Also take a quick look at this video I found a few seconds ago on YouTube. I cant vouch for this video but I am interested enough to check it out myself. Good luck everyone. Happy Holidays


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