Your Spokesman Speaks

Hello There. I am Your Spokesman and it's a pleasure to meet you all online. First thing is, I want you to know that I can talk for days, Blog for hours and find an opinion for just about anything. So this is far from a weekend experiment.

I created this new blog so I could share my thoughts about a wide range of topics like the toys I buy my kids or local restaurants our family eats at. Most of the time these companies main goal is to charge us more for less product and service and I hope to not only give you aheads up, I hope to help fight the fight with movements like Occupy Wall Street. Overall I am here to support the 99%. Sharing the experiences I both love and hate, so you can have a voice you can rely on.

Although I live in Southern California, I have been around the block a few times and I don't want my new blog to be devoted to just local business. I do alot of traveling, online shopping and I am networking online more and more each day and look forward to helping my new friends and affiliates.

It looks to be fun ride and I look forward to friendships. Happy Holidays to you all.


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