Your Spokesman Speaks

Today I learned about a new Hip Hop artist known as Liso. It only took 2 songs for me to acknowledge he is just as talented, if not more talented that most mainstream artist on commercial radio.

After Moving from Montreal, Canada to the city of Toronto, Liso relaunched his hip-hip career. He didnt waste any time and he quickly began working on his album titled "I Am Liso". The album is a rap masterpiece. The skills, production quality and diversity is all in place. Liso is all over the map with this project and I project Liso will eventually land a solid slot in rotation on your favorite radio station. His passion for music a creativity certainly shine and  he deserves to be recommend him to all fans of Hip Hop.

Liso can be found all over the web but his official website is a must see and can be found at Just like everyone else, Liso is on Twitter and Facebook amongst several other social networks. It looks like he is moving up the music charts on Reverb Nation and with music as good as his, it is only a matter of time before he is #1 on the charts. Find his music on itunes and dont forget to drop your comments with your feedback about the artist known as Liso


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