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Welcome back and Happy Sunday to all my friends, readers and followers. Today I am just relaxing and watching NFL Football. As usual I have my Laptop by my side and this morning I found another awesome website I would like to share with you. Lately I have been doing alot more shopping online and today I added The Soul Shop to my list of favorites.

Each year I always try to have my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving but this year I just might have it done before Halloween. I have all kinds of friends, family and employees to shop for and today I found the perfect gift for a few of the gentlemen on my list.

Everyone I know has a deep passion for music so it was very fitting when I stumbled across The Soul Shop. The website looks like it is operated from the United Kingdom but they offer a great selection of music related T-shirts most Americans will appreciate.

The Soul Shop has a variety of T-shirts for Men, Women and Children. Styles ranges from Ska to Blues but I think their specialty may be their Northern Soul T-Shirts. I really like the Tamla Motown t-shirts and a few others.

Just in case your unfamiliar, the Northern Soul movement emerged in the 1960's and it has since established itself as ver popular niche. 40 years later and the Northern Soul all nighters are still going strong. Although many of the record labels are no longer around, they live on and are still well known across the globe. From the larger labels like Tamla Moton and Stax, to the smaller US labels like Ric-Tic and Okeh. All of these come with strong images representing the Northern Soul feeling and sound. The Soul Shop brings these images, logos and the record labels to life on T shirts and clothing. The Shirts are 100% cotton and are preshrunk, and all the T shirt images and logos have been professionally created. Be sure to check out their website and drop your comments so I know what your thnking.


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