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Happy Monday to my world wide web. I so so freaking excited to share today's lunch special. I just know all of you music music junkies are going to love what is on the menu. By way of Moorpark, California  and they are just what the Music Monday Doctor ordered. The band is known as Chasing Colors but very soon the world is going to be chasing them.

Chasing Colors have two female band members who blend gracefully with the young men by their sides. They rock out with an alternative feel however I can picture this band grabbing the ears any open minded fan of music. The lyrics, the video and the sound have all the intangibles to make a special song be perfect. Their new hit single "Carousels" is out of this world, way ahead of it's time and at the same time it makes me feel like good rock songs are supposed to.

The origin of Chasing Colors began with two brothers who were heavily involved in music. Music was mainstay their whole lives, beginning with their parents who happened to be music teachers. After playing in different bands throughout their teenage years Chris Leslie (guitar) and Brandon Leslie (drums) came up with a new idea for a band and began writing material for what would become Chasing Colors. It was 2011 and they had a vision of the future but they still needed the right crew to fit their idea.

Little did they know, those people were right in front of their eyes. They ended up reaching out to long-time friends Lauren Day (vocals), Chelsea Diblasi (bass/vocals) and Mike Couture (guitar) to form what this Spokesman is calling a super band. With this solidified line-up, they are sure to set fire to any studio. Soon after the band entered the studio with Taylor Voeltz and began recording their debut E.P. “Adrift.”

Follow the Band on Twitter or Facebook for more news and updates on the album release. I'm sure to be on the look out for their tour and it their is an Inland empire stop I will be there. Check out their music videos on YouTube and preview the music below.


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