Your Spokesman Speaks

Welcome back my friends! I Hope everyone is ready for a safe and fun Fourth of July. Today I wanted to share with you why I don't often eat at unfamiliar places. A few weeks ago I was a little early to a meeting with a potential client. We were set to meet at his office near Magnolia and Pierce and my daughter and I had plan to get breakfast after. Since I was early and didn't want my tag along princess / personal assistant to get too bored or hungry we drove around looking for a decent restaurant. Driving right past Farmer Boys we settled into visiting Riverwalk Burgers for the first time.

The place was normal and it was far from being a decent crowd of customers. I think there was about a handful of other patrons. The menu was slightly cheaper than farmers boys but it wasn't really worth bragging about.

The service was friendly, not only to me but the other customers as well. I guess you can say it would have been an average and acceptable experience if it hadn't been for the dirty forks.

Well actually all the silverware was dirty. My silverware was dirty and so was my daughters silverware. Mine looked like it had a film of pot pie crust on the backside of the fork and many other blotches of who knows what everywhere else. My daughter pointed it out and immediately we both felt embarrassed and disgusted. I asked here if she want to leave and eat somewhere else but she was a nice girl noting that she didn't see anything wrong with our food or plates.

I approached the lady behind the counter to make her aware of the situation and she attempted to hand me more silverware. While doing so she said it was soap and that it had been happening often. She apologized but I want to ask her if she was the dishwasher but instead I politely declined her silverware and asked for plastic forks. Reluctantly and a little angered I ate my meal with plastic in conversation with my daughter about current events. It was really unpleasant but we made the best of it.

I know it wasn't soap and for that reason I just cant go back. My daughter feels the same way and I joined yelp for the first time, just so I could leave my review. In conclusion, That is Your Spokesman's review of Riverside's Riverwalk Burgers. I'm not trying to bash them or hurt their business, I'm just keeping my readers informed of my journey. My hopes is that Riverwalk and it's nearby competitors all step up there efforts to provide clean and excellent service because you never know when a Spokesman might Speak.


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