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Welcome back readers. Today I am introducing you to a Folk Singer and Songwriter by name of Jason Garriotte. Jason produces music under the name Chords of Truth and he released  his solo acoustic project in January 2, 2012. The Project is a mixture of inspirations for Jason with a symphony of melodies and lyrics that would soon emerge as his debut EP "Reflections of Reality".
The framework for these songs was born out of over 10 years of playing his unique cover versions of classic songs. Working with producer Jeffrey Joslin, they created an EP that sends you on a trip of deep self reflection with mind-expanding lyrics and a driving acoustic guitar soundtrack implementing harmonies, piano and finger picking styles to bring the story home."Tune Your Mind" paints the perfect picture of how one should use their mind to reflect on what we want and to be clear in making it a reality.

In addition, Jason has recently launched a Video Contest for all of you to participate in. The winner and runner up will both be awarded cash prizes after submitting their own video art to correspond with the sounds of Chords of Truth.

Check out the YouTube video below for more detail on the contest but be sure to also follow Chords of Truth on Twitter for more updates and info. ( @ChordsofTruth  )


  1. Chewy from Mira Loma says:

    cool. i will tell my sister she loves editing vids

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