Your Spokesman Speaks

Photo By David Bauman
It was all smiles for the UCR Highlanders on Wednesday night in Riverside. It was a 31 point victory over UC Santa Cruz and the home game that the Highlanders desperately needed to regain their rhythm, was everything Highlander fans had hooped for.

Stud Phil Martin had 25 points on 11-16 shooting, not to mention 5 rebounds and 2 steals. It was a solid game with big contributions Shearry and Bradshaw. In fact everyone on the Highlander roster put a few points on the board with the exception of reserve Quick. Quick who seen 12 minutes in the second half when the bench got quality action only took 2 shots.

The balance was just as important as the chemistry. you can just see the energy and know this victory was the pill of confidence the Doctor order. Yes it was UC Santa Cruz but with a pretty tough schedule to start their season the game was the tune-up every team looks for during the preseason.

Photo By David Bauman
At 4-5 showing in the record books the whole Highlander community is pulling for a big game tomorrow against Nevada. With a chance to beat a decent team the we are hoping for more than just victory, we are hoping for the game that build a stronger character. The strength need to get ready for a strong start in conference play. Go Highlanders. 


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