Your Spokesman Speaks

Do you remember former King star Tony Snell? You Should. After dominating the high school scene here in Riverside, Tony Snell is continuing his journey as a Lobo attending the University of New Mexico. In just his sophomore year the 6'7" shooting guard has given his hometown something to be proud about.
The city of Riverside has not seen such a promising basketball talent since Ed Gray. Our backyard has been good but nothing as promising as Tony Snell. We wish he could have attended UCR but we all know he made a great choice when he decided to attend New Mexico. Being able to focus on school and hoops, Tony has been able to avoid to drug, alcohol and trouble that overcame our hometown hero and Cal Berkley player Ed Gray.

The truth is Riverside, is about the only thing Ed Gray and Tony Snell have in common. When I was in high school I played against Tayshaun Prince and Tony Snell remind me of him very much. On the court they have the same frame and very similar game. Tayshaun seemed to be a little more defensive minded but I am sure that this time next year, going into his junior year, that wont be a problem for Tony Snell. However most will say Tony and the Lobo's are right where they want to be.

At 9-2 with wins over USC and Arizona St. Tony has been a significant part of that success. Averaging over 13pts per game, he leads the team and even had 18pts or more in 4 or the teams first 11 games. I am sure Tony and the entire Lobo community is please with the team's 7 game win streak heading into tonight's game. That win streak is likely to extend itself over the Christmas day holiday weekend as the Lobo's are at home against the Kangaroos of UMKC. The University of Missouri Kansas City hold a 7-6 record coming into the match-up and hope to rely heavily on the point guard and leading scorer Reggie Chamberlain. Chamberlain is averaging just over 17 ppg, but I have a feeling you can count on the Lobo's putting this one away early.


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