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I have plenty of friends in the Norco area of Southern California and I have been to the Branding Iron on several occasions but to be honest that is about as country as it gets in my parts of the Inland Empire. Today you might share my relief because I have finally find a So Cal country music band we can all be proud of.  Allow me to introduce all of you to the band called Post Trauma as we review their version of California Country.

It's very rare to find country music bands from California, especially from the Orange County area but Post Trauma is certainly giving the Fullerton locals something talk about. With a sound I will describe as evolved country, Post Trauma songs are like a energetic splash of Jagermeister mixed with the Kernels recipe. I can personally relate to their new single "Get Up In The AM" and I got a few good laughs watching the music video. I "Liked" a few of their songs on the bands official Reverb Nation Music Page plus I was able to find them on Twitter.

After checking out their Bio I learned the band was formed at some point in 2011. Headed by lead singer Billy Ulrich and his little brother Kenny, Post Trauma was finally completed with the additions of Joey Gnoffo and Sean Boddy. The four of them sound great together and it's just at matter of time before the rest of the world recognizes the voice of Billy Ulrich. Billy has a very captivated voice and after reviewing their tunes, it sound like the band is one engineer away from stardom.

Today the band is still unsigned but that didn't stop them from releasing a double CD. The 1st half of the project is called "Sleepless" and it was recently released this past November of 2012. Sleepless can be purchased via Pay Pal after visiting the Bands Store. The other half of the project, "Dreamless" is scheduled for release this May of 2013, keeping all of anxiously waiting for a few more months.

For more information on the band, live shows, etc. Visit their website and the other web links below.


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