Your Spokesman Speaks

Hello again my friends. Today I have some awesome information I'm sure most of you will appreciate. If you anything like me you love video games and with today's technology we are all often in the market for entertaining apps for our mobile devices or tablets. So of course I had to share of one of my new favorites called Spot The Difference.

Spot The Difference is very addicting picture puzzle game. Developed by Reaction Games LLC, Spot The Difference was released late last year and has been big hit with gamers. With already over 15,000 Facebook Likes, it is safe to say I'm not the only one falling in love with this game.

Spot The Difference is available for your iPhones, iPads and even all Android devices. The developers are kind enough to offer 100 puzzles for FREE. Each Picture Puzzle has 5 differences you must find to earn points and game achievements. Each unused hint gives you +500 points each puzzle. Each second is worth +100 points. The quicker you find the difference the more points you get per second and so on. Some of these pictures are super hilarious, some are cute and others are kind of weird but all are entertaining and I have not found a game I loved this much since Plants vs Zombies. It perfect for those times I'm waiting in a lobby, stuck in line or bored on the train. My kids even love it so I guess it's for all ages. Check it out when you get a chance and let me know what you think.


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