Your Spokesman Speaks

Well the question is really.. Who are the Boomerangatangs? I think most would of you would agree, with a crazy name like Boomerangatangs a surprise was certainly something to prepare for. If you are like me, you were probably prepared for a shocking visual or radical sound. Regardless I am back with another Spokesman review.

The Boomerangatangs are a fun Indie duo consisting of Aubrey Tang and Lambert Boomer. The Canadian residents are from the Ontario area with an alternative style is intended for having good times.
I had a chance to listen to the Boomerangatangs after visiting the music page on Reverb Nation. They have nearly a dozen songs available for streaming and most of them are available for free download. After a few listens to the play list I would say my favorite song from the Boomerangatangs is "Looking out for ##1." The Duo is currently ranked #53 on the local music charts and steadily moving up.

I just liked them on Facebook and will soon follow them on Twitter for more updates. Check out their music below and as usual, be sure to give me some feedback by dropping your comments.



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