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Brain Research Labs, a national leader in brain health supplements has announced a sale that should be at the top of every shopper's list for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, considered to be the busiest shopping days of the year. Shoppers can fight their mental exhaustion and save money while doing it with the Procera AVH™ 3-Bottle 50% OFF Special through This 50% OFF deal is only going on Friday, November 23rd through Monday, November 26th.

Since its creation, Procera AVH™ has become America’s #1 selling cognitive enhancer. People who use Procera AVH™ include people from all walks of life, from retired professionals wanting to sharpen their thinking and mental quickness to students looking to improve their ability to learn and recall information faster.

Brain Research Labs is known not only for their highly rated and very successful Procera AVH™ brain supplement, but they also specialize in offering “clinically tested” science based products and services, e.g., fun online brain tests and exercises and tasty brain food snacks and meals, that serve the three primary needs of the brain: Neuro-Nutrition, Neuro-Stimulation, and Neuro-Relaxation.
Unlike traditional Black Friday special offers, this one isn’t first come, first serve. To take advantage of this special opportunity, visit and enter the coupon code “HALFOFF”.

Brain Research Labs (BRL) was co-founded by Josh Reynolds and Robert Heller, MD. Together they have over 40 years experience in the emerging field of brain health and performance. Over the years, they have worked with top neuroscientists, neurosurgeons, neurologists and cognitive psychologists from prestigious research universities and medical schools, such as Harvard, Stanford, Scripps, UC Irvine, and UC Berkeley to develop "natural solutions" for peak mental performance and longevity

During this time, Reynolds and his highly qualified "Brain Science Team" have conducted cognitive tests on over 1.5 million individuals, using Reynolds’s patented "neuro-cognitive test technology", validated by medical schools such as Stanford. Reynolds and members of the BRL Brain team are also credited with developing the original computerized brain exercise technology, which is now the gold standard for tuning up the brain for short term performance and long term health.

However, the hallmark of the BRL brain team’s accomplishments is the development and clinical testing of the new remarkable memory, mood and cognitive enhancer called Procera AVH. Procera AVH is the result of over 20 years of development by leading researchers, clinicians and scientists in the fields of neurology, neurosurgery and cognitive psychology. Hundreds of natural ingredients were screened, and dozens of the best were tested in various combinations using thousands of volunteers in FDA-type clinical trials. The result is a daily natural cognitive enhancing supplement, with no equal on the market today.


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