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Whats up party people? It's Friday and as usual I'm DJ'ing. Tonite it's a back to school party for a group of UC Riverside students and it should be super fun.

Before I get my day started I wanted to share with you all my newest addition the music library. She is talented young lady from Houston, Texas by the name of Elle Gie ( pronounced LG ) and she has a very open and unreserved style.

Elle Gie was introduced to the music industry at a young age through her entertainment lawyer, mother. She has traveled all over the country performing with high profile acts such as Trey Songz and rapper Young Jeezy.

A true fan of her art form, she embraced her dreams at the age of 12 years and set out to fulfill them. She very quickly developed a unique perspective encompassing all aspects of becoming a performer and recording artist. A love for different kinds of music motivated her to express her own thoughts and emotions through her unique style, revealed on her soon to be released album, which still has yet to be named.

The rest is destiny and it appears Elle Gie is paving her own way and creating her own lane. I personally think she has what it takes to shine. I recently added her dance jam "Runway" to my collection and will spin it often at the right parties. She also has a really cool Hip Hop collaboration titled "Down" which might make it to your local radio station one day. the same can be said for "THE WAY YOU ARE". Across the board she is the complete package.

Become a part of Elle Gie 's network and find her on Facebook. Get her Free Downloads from her soundcloud music page. Follow her timeline on Twitter for news and updates. Show your support and be sure to favorite her website

Elle Gie is surely worth your time. I know I have become a big fan and will continue to follow up on her career moves. If my reader are anything like me, they would agree... Elle Gie, we love you the way you are.
The Way You Are by ellegie


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