Your Spokesman Speaks

I just finished listening to some really good music. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I clicked on the link but let me tell you I am sure glad I did. The first song I listened to from artist Andaone was very electronic single titled Computer Love. I instantly feel in love with Computer Love and I know many of you will feel the same.

Andaone has a variety of styles and after listening to each song on his Reverb Nation music page I am convinced he will make it big. His delivery and sound seems to fit every tracks he appears on. Andaone provides vocals, guitar, bass, drums and more. He is a multi-talented musician, dancer, producer and songwriter from Minneapolis, MN that may one day be a global star.
Andaone represents a new indie record label and with the quality of sound emerging from their laboratory it should only be of time before they crack the vault and go platinum. Follow the origins of his career and be sure to check out his links below.


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