Your Spokesman Speaks

Ever heard the term one man band? Well it's often used to described athletes likes Allen Iverson but in the case of Mulligan Musik, the term can be taken literally.

From just over the border of the Inland Empire, in the city of Chino Hills we have ourselves the true definition of a one man band. If seems as if there is a bit of confusion on who is playing on these recordings. All tracks and instruments on these recordings are done by one man named Mulligan. Yes! Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Samples, Recording, Mixing Engineering, and Mastering were all performed by Mulligan!

He has been playing music for more than half his life and he has been inspired by multiple genres. Not really into music for any means of fame and fortune, Mulligan plays music for a mutual respect by way of simply listening. "I'm very open towards recording sessions, live performance, or even joining/forming a band." says Mulligan.

Add him on facebook or myspace if your into that. Just don't miss out on all the cool tunes he has on his Reverb Nation music page. Check on the tunes below and drop a comment.


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