Your Spokesman Speaks

I must admit I have my bad days but unless I am drunk I live a far from clumsy life. I know I am not the smartest but I can assure to the world I am know dummy. I guess It could be my choices or flat out luck but I didn't see one video in this compilation that I could relate to. Maybe some cools stunts as a child but as a grown man I don't even put myself in most of these positions.

I sure hope non of my reader are in this video. If so, just know I am laughing at you and not with you. I don't know if the video was more funny or disturbing. It is however very entertaining, and I do guarantee it will be something your feel the urge to share, Hence my newest blog post. When you see stuff like this, well when I see stuff like this, I feel morally obligated to speak and share. Check it out and drop your comments.


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