Your Spokesman Speaks

Happy New Year, Your Spokesman is back and today I would like to introduce you to another local business that you can rely on. The Riverside Hearing Aid Center has been serving Riverside and the Inland Empire for over 50 years. The bottom line is you can not stay in business for 50 years if your not doing something right and the Richardson family has been very kind to our community.

I recently needed a hearing aid consultation regarding the needs of my mother. The service was perfect and very informative. I learned alot and I felt really comfortable trusting these guys with the needs of my mother. Not only did they give me a fair price, the hearing device seems to physically be a perfect fit. My mother is even less cranky. We all know how important our hearing is but I had no idea that helping hear would result in her treating me nicer. That is what I call a Win, Win.

I know it is not an everyday product but if you in the market I highly recommend Riverside Hearing Aid Center. I posted the map below but you might have an easier time with the address. They are located at 6709 Brockton Avenue, Riverside Ca. Look the m up. Keep them in mind. You will appreciate it when the time is right.


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