Your Spokesman Speaks

I wanted to introduce you all to this new webiste I found. The webiste is called Headliner.FM and they offer a very unique sevice. Every day more bands are joining Headliner and getting their music heard. With Headliner, fans are only a click away and targeting the right fans is easy. From platinum selling artists on major labels to DIY musicians who haven’t played outside of their own apartments, thousands of bands and artists are discovering the value of Headliner. When Anarbor was nominated for a MTVU Freshman band of the week spot, they turned to Headliner to put them over the top. When Rob Thomas wanted to get the word out about his latest project, he used Headliner to get fans buzzing about it. Bands of all sizes have found success with Headliner and have used it to get their music into the iPods of music listeners all over the world.

What Can Headliner Do For Bands and Artists?
Headliner is a promotional platform that helps artists reach new fans. Share a message with thousands of music fans, get direct traffic to your Twitter, Facebook or Myspace account and get more people to download your new single on iTunes– all from one easy to use dashboard. Headliner will supply detailed metrics, so you know exactly how effective your promotion has been.

Who Is It For?
Headliner is a tool for musicians, bands, labels, managers, concert promoters and bookers. Bands of all sizes use Headliner. Whether you have one fan or one million fans, Headliner can help you find more.

Why Headliner?
Headliner gets your message out to music fans. Headliner’s service is unique; many sites offer bands opportunities to upload their music and slowly gain fans, but only Headliner offers users the ability to reach the fans of thousands of other bands in real-time.


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