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Every single year right after Halloween and just before Thanksgiving we get flooded with tons of newly released and very cheesy Holiday theme music. I don't know about you but 99% of the time it's unbearable. I hear the first few lyrics and regardless of the vocal talent, I'm racing to fill my ear drums with an alternative but this year I have finally found something different.

Join me this Holiday Season as I enjoy the joy with the awesome sound of the Hollywood Drunks. The music itself is a synthesis of different genres including hip hop, pop, rock, glam, reggae, and alternative. However, they all share the same message: if you are able to laugh at the humorous fragile nature of life, you'll stop viewing yourself as a victim and take back the power of confidence.

Initially the group was born to the name Winzenried but Around L.A., this group of alcoholic misfits are also know as The Hollywood Drunks, especially since the name Winzenried is too hard to spell, pronounce, or even look at without becoming completely exhausted. In hindsight, they realize now that it was a bad name choice but alas they are stuck with it like an old cold sore that never leaves, thus, the entirely not subtle name change to Winzenried aka Hollywood Drunks.
Be sure to get your ears wrapped around the bands new album titled "Hollywood Drunks Christmas". Its awesome and loaded with talent. Find Galen Shostac on Keys, Sebastian Sheehan hitting the Drums and Percusssion, Mark Drews stringing Bass, Lloyd Stuart Casson helping with Guitars, Bass, Vocals, and more... topped of by Eric Winzenried getting creative with Vox and you might have the best Christmas CD release of the past decade. the project is produced by Lloyd Stuart Casson, Eric Winzenried, Jason Roberts and Sebastian Sheeha.

Don't forget to visit the web links below for a more intimate understanding of the band and give me a few comments so I know what your thinking. Hope you all enjoy it and continue to have a Happy 2014 Holiday Season

Here's a link to download 2 free tracks.
Here's a link to listen to the Christmas album:


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    i played this at my new years eve party lol

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