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Once again friends, I have found some amazing music that you most likely have yet to hear and I just had to share what I think is perfect music to unwind with on a Sunday afternoon.

If your anything like me and the rest of the 99% your usually working for pennies. Most us small business owners here in California are having hard times getting all the bills paid. Personally I rely on music to get me to the relax or unwind and the sound from today's feature is priceless.

The First thing I must mention about Walking for Pennies is feeling I got when I first listened to their tunes on SoundCloud. Seconds after pressing play on "I Know Better" I was reminded of how much I liked Wilson Phillips as a child. I was instantly hooked but the music just kept getting better and better.

Drawing from real life experiences the duo of Andy Jobe and Neeley Bridges were able to produce some really cool, upbeat and feel good music. After reading their Bio, I feel in love even more. These very talented musicians are just like me and the rest of our 99%. The work for pennies to and certainly deserve our support musically. The two even found their name looking lightheartedly at their struggles in life. Just like many musicians before them, Andy Jobe (vocals, guitar) and Neeley Bridges (vocals, mandolin) have done what they can to pay the rent, including picking up gigs as NYC dog walkers. Their band moniker refers to that short period of time when they were literally walking for pennies.

I just liked the duo on facebook and I am hooked on their new album "Forget About Wonderland" but their website  is really awesome and a must see as well. Ad it to your favorites and drop your comments. I still have much to learn about the Duo and if you asked me, I can describe Walking For Pennies as folk-Americana, pop, or even bluegrass but whatever you do, dont Forget about Wonderland when someone mentions or asks for good music.


  1. Lori says:

    amazing music, feel good story

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