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I love blogging and today's blog feature is the definition of why. Personally I am a big Hip Hop junkie. As you all know by now I hate mainstream radio so when I pressed play to hear underground artist Api Legit I was excited. However my level of excitement was honestly nowhere near ready for this type of get down.

Admittedly I was winding down after a long day of working at my day job. As usually I logged on to put in a few hours online but this Api Legit got feeling like I just downed Four RedBulls. I think am getting college flashbacks, feeling like I can pull an all-nighter.

The project is true Hip Hop fan's blessing. It's titled Earresponsible lucky for us the release is available for Free Download. I am more than impressed and the young artist known as Api Legit will definitely get more than a couple spins next time I DJ a Hip Hop gig. The project is literally all over the place and so different from the garbage I hear on mainstream radio station. I want to say Api is influenced by the 90's but most of his cuts are far more abstract than records from the 90's. The project has several very funky break downs. The arrangements of the music are near flawless, it just gets you amp'd up and the energy is perfect for anyone wot king   graveyard shift.

Earrsponsible has a little bit of everything you can expect from a Hip Hop album. It has a few old school samples, it has that reality rap truth serum mixed with plenty of aggressive tempos and of course it has wild beats. Personally I don't care what any of you think, I am now a big Api fan!

Api Legit is brand new to me and I have so much to learn about the kid. Unfortunately I could not find his facebook but I was able to find him on twitter. I suggest you join me and follow the talent. With a little focus and dedication this cat Api might just be the next big problem for the industry. I know I would happily trade a Drake CD for just one Api Legit track. Listen to him and check out his his weblinks. Show your support and dont forget who introduced you to the next best thing.


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