Monday, April 1, 2013

Grant Lyle Makes An Impression

Music website has a short message when fans share what they download. The message reads, "Music so Excellent, I just bothered to download it" and personally that is the best way to describe my first impression of Grant Lyle. His music was so alive and delightful that I instantly looked for the free download button.

The Free download button wasn't there but I did find the digital album for only $9. After streaming the entire track list I cant find any reason not to buy the album. I personally love music like this for the office. It gets the juices flowing and it make you want to smile.

Grant Lyle is a native of Toronto, Canada  who often steps away from perfecting his mothers chicken noodle soup for a rocking blues session and some quality time with his guitar. Over the years Mr. Lyle has released 7 projects and he has passionately delivered a classic with So There.

Although it's brand new to me So There was actually released last April in 2012. The project features musical contributions by Al Cross, Iansanity, Roly Platt, Pat Dickinson, Scott Brammer and more.  Since the release of his most recent project, Grant Lyle has been blogged about and featured in dozens of digital magazines. His tunes can be heard on Canadian stations such as CJRT, CBC, CIUT, CKLN and CKVS. His discography can be found online and most major media outlets. My favorite is "Walk On" but you can decide for yourselves. Check out his tunes below and for more, or to follow the artist directly, feel free to check out Grant's web links below.

Grant Lyle's new CD "So There" is now available on:


  1. oh yeah i like this music and Grant is a super sext ginger

  2. hope to see you live someday in Houston,TX