Your Spokesman Speaks

Welcome back friends and followers, today I have a twist for all of you that will shed some light of value. Now normally I feature artists and bands or products and brands but today I am reviewing the "how to" book Your Band is a Virus, by James Moore.

This book is a must read for all musicians or other entrepreneurs interested in Internet marketing. In a fairly detailed fashion, author James Moore shares his knowledge of the music and knowledge is once again power as Mr. Moore's knowledge becomes advice for us all.

The Book touches on topics and strategies for marketing your music. James Moore gives us over 15 chapters, lending very important information to any sponge willing to absorb. He touches on key points from branding and protecting your music.

As well, the Book offers hundreds of different tips for preparing your bands album, biography and web pages. This is a perfect read for anyone that once wonder about the possibility of making a legitimate run at the music charts. Todays' economy is crucial and we all need investment advice. So if your wondering  what move to make next, maybe you want to consider reading  a book written by an author who has already made those moves. It is very rare when life presents an opportunity to learn from others mistakes but Your Band is a Virus is available for those that would like to avoid several mistakes of their own.

Once again this book is a must read for any musician. That includes, artist, singers, MC's, DJ's, and even producers looking to get to the next level. It does not matter what genre of music your involved with. As your Official Spokesman I must admit much of this information can be self taught, learned from experience, searched for or found on YouTube but the opportunity to learn or know everything I needed to know with one purchase, at one time would have save me plenty of time, money and headache. I don't care if your looking to get signed by your favorite record label or if your looking to become the next big record label, Your Band is A Virus by James Moore is the compass you need in today's music industry.


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