Your Spokesman Speaks

Being an elite band is so hard to do. The chemistry, the hard work and sacrifices can get in the way and it often puts an end to what could have been. Today we hear less and less from unknown bands with a decent sound and as a fan, finding new bands I really like is becoming more of a rarity. The sound must be above average and the group must be fine tuned. Most Importantly there must be a great voice, great song writing and all the intangibles. Fortunately today I pleased to admit I finally found a new indie band I can get excited about, one that meets the criteria of awesomeness.

Lucky for me I was recently introduced to the band known as Gone For Days. I found out the band originated in 2010 and can be noted as a product of Manchester, New Hampshire. The group consists of four, Jessie Hatch, Christopher Dickman, Justin Pacy and Chris Taylor as the lead singer. They recently released the first single Guilty Pleasure and the song has gotten to band in heavy rotation on Sirius XM Octane.

Personally I have had the band blasting all morning and early afternoon. I liked their Fan Page on Facebook and found a excellent playlist of songs from their new album. I think "Silent" or "Money" should be next single and you can vote for your choice at but after listening to all their tracks I can understand the Reason Why ( lol ) Guilty Pleasure was chosen as the first single. It's a must have and you can buy the song on their website.

One thing is for sure, Gone For Days is defiantly worth seeing at a live show. As long as the price of admission is fair I will be seeing them whenever they arrive in California. If their live shows can equal their production they are going to have a ton of new fans very soon. Gone for Days is on their way to the limelight and I am about to go follow them on twitter right now to help the cause. Until next time my friends, I'm Your Spokesman!


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