Your Spokesman Speaks

Welcome back my friends Have you seen a great movie yet? Well I recently had a chance to the see The Avengers at the Riverside Plaza. Growing up in the 80's, comic books, super hero's and Stan Lee played a big part in directing my imagination. The stories played out in our minds but never really translated from comic strips to the big screen. I remember watching Captain America fight Red Skull on film before computer animation and 3D graphics. We all watched but we all knew something was missing. Thank god for James Cameron and Terminator 2.

Almost 20 years after movie producers found their fork in the road we have the perfect technology for Stan Lee and company to Marvel the big screen. The producers, writers and every actor involved did a great job with The Avengers Movie. I still cant believe Samuel L. Jackson is Nick Fury., even after Iron Man came out over 3 years ago. Speaking of Iron Man, I think Marvel did a great job of setting up the Avengers Movie with handful of prequels. First we had The Hulk, Then we got blessed with Iron Man, Thor and Captain America as Marvel released their individuals saga's. So many stories wrapped up inside one super-giant-mega-cool-story, bigger than the bible. The Avengers was worth every penny to see it at the theater and I will be buying it as soon as it hits the DVD shelf as well.

The Avengers movie was not just for boys and men. I know it an acclaimed action film but the movie was super funny.  I was sitting next a group of golden girl Senior citizens. Except, this group had atleast one lady from every ethnic background. They laughed and awed right along with the rest of us. My point is, if I love it, Grandma loves it and the kids love it, then you should love it to. If your on a budget go to the drive in if not, go 3-D. Take care loved ones.


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