Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nora Braun Survived For A Reason

Welcome to back loved ones. Hope everyone is having an excellent Holiday Season. Today we have a very special music spotlight featuring Canadian artist Norine Braun. Nora bridges the gap between a singer-songwriter and a rock and roll performer with her new release Conventus The Eye of the Heart. Some would say Norine Braun's music falls somewhere in between the intimate, heartfelt approach of folk and the energy of pop, roots rock, just as if Joni Mitchell, KD Lang and Colin James would join Patti Smith and Prince for a jam in the vast wilderness of the Canadian landscape.
Her music blinks an eye to the past, while firmly looking forward, blending timeless elements such as blues, rock, funk and country and presenting them to the audience with a freshness and balance that are in tune with today's sensibilities.
Norine's diverse approach to songwriting and her prowess as a heartfelt performer are the fundaments of her solid reputation within her local scene, and beyond: This talented artist received recognition from events such as L.A. Music Awards, The Best Female Musicians Magazine and many more.
Ever the chameleon, hardworking DIY Norine Braun is set to release her ninth studio album, adding to her impressive and prolific catalogue. "Conventus The Eye of the Heart", an inspired piece of music centered around the concept of "unions", something that affected Norine's life in several disguises. Vancouver’s finest musicians have joined her again on the musical journey for Conventus. Adam Popowitz has produced, engineered and performed guitar and bass on Conventus, Elliot Polsky performs on drums and percussion, Alice Fraser performs on keys and Huggybear Leonard performs on blues harp and penny whistle.
About her latest release, Norine says "Conventus The Eye of the Heart is Nora's ninth album born out of life’s unions and struggles. The past couple of years she encountered many unions in different disguises. She was diagnosed and cured of colon cancer. As she layed in my hospital bed last January, Nora listened to her roughly recorded demos of these songs and she says "I let them show me the way to health." Music was a healing activity that held her interest and it became a primary focus in her recovery.
This past year Nora also embraced a most magnificent union when she married her partner of 25 years on Halloween 2012 the anniversary of their first meeting. She also watched her partner's mother become more ill when her dementia advanced, however it ironically turned mystical as she witnessed a great love and strength as they moved through that particular life transition. Nora looked at the union in her own family of origin relationship and how her life’s journey as an adoptee has greatly shaped who she has become. All of these unions, union of self and body, self and spirit, family union, union of love and marriage are found in the creation of these songs and her new album.
In the words of Nora "This music is not only my story, it’s also your story in fact it’s our story, it’s everybody’s story. We have all known someone who felt lonely, defeated, betrayed, rejected, scared, and yet found the strength to get back up, fight and win. We all know when we find that union with someone, something or within ourselves we can overcome and celebrate and cherish everything. This is what Conventus is about for me. Conventus is a celebration of union and of life"

Nora Braun has survived for a reason, a purpose and with the sounds of Nora's majestical music maybe, just maybe we can survive too. I hope you enjoy her sound as much as I do, be sure to leave your comments and don't forget to view Nora's web links below for more updates on her, her career and her life.


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