Friday, September 6, 2013

Flight 1636 is Cleared for Take Off

These boys got talent! Together artists ClickClackBang and JazFlow make up "Flight1636."Collectively they have worked with Scarface, Trey Songs, Lil Boosie, Kevin Gates, DJ Toomp and several other industry names. Before actually working together, JazFlow and ClickClackBang actually became friends outside of music, even tho both had been pursuing the same dream for many years. One day, they decided to record a song togther. Then, they decided to record another. The rest is history.

As a fan and blogger I'm impressed and it's an honor to feature Flight 1636 on my blog. This Louisiana Rap group as plenty of tracks worth spinning but I'm really diggin Down That Road.

Down That Road is a breathe of fresh air and the classic sound is available for free download via the group's Reverb Nation music page. Although the track is my favorite, I have a feeling we have yet to hear the best this tandem has to offer.

With the upcoming release of the duo's new project titled "Flight 1636",  JazFlow and Lil Click have decided to Release the music video for their First Single off the album. The song "Fuck & Fight" features another upcoming artist by the name of WoChee and it touches on a topic many of us can socially relate to.

Im still unsure what website "Flight 1636" will be officially released on but I do know the project is set to be released April 20th, 2013. I don't know whether or not the project will be for purchase or free download but one thing is for sure, I will be following these boys on twitter for the official word and patiently waiting for my copy. Check out the videos and web links below and if your anything like me you will agree,.. Flight 1646 is cleared for take off.

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